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Press For Change - The UK's Leading Experts in Transgender Law
Welcome to Press For Change Community News Release - Press for Change It is with great delight that Press for Change can announce the formation of a new interim board to oversee the re-structuring of the organisation for the betterment of the trans community. Some of the key priorities are: To put together a set of memorandum of articles of association which will enable Press for Change to become a Limited Company by Guarantee with Charitable status. To develop a set of clear aims and objectives as well as a strategic development plan. To set up a stakeholder group That priority would be given to find funding for the legal team It was agreed that the interim board over time could become more diverse and non trans people who are our supporters and advocates or family members of trans people could become trustees of the new structure. New Chairperson Appointed The interim board are delighted to appoint Dr Lewis Turner as the new chairperson for Press for Change. Other announcements will be made as the organisation re structures and decisions are made. Press for Change has been a key lobbying and legal support organisation for Trans people in the UK. since it's formation in 1992 Seeking respect and equality for ALL trans people in the UK , through case law, legislation, and social change, it reaches thousands of transgender (trans) people in the UK. It is primarily a voluntary organisation, currently managed by the Vice-Presidents and key volunteers, this structure will change in the following months as the restructuring is addressed. (Our Banner at Pride London 2007) We provide legal advice, training, and research to trans people, their representatives, and public and private bodies. PFC has regularly worked with Government on the Employment regulations 1999, the Working Group 2000, the Gender Recognition Act 2004, and the Equality Act 2010 along with the Government's latest

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